Christians began meeting as the local church in Salt Lake City in 1986
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His Glory Broke ...

His Glory Broke ...

When I asked him to write something of his testimony, he jotted a few lines on a 'little yellow sticky' and handed it to me saying, "This is my testimony." On it were three opening lines to stanzas from different songs in Hymns published by Living Stream Ministry. It is very short but if you read behind the lines it says a lot...

Once Far From God
Once I Thirsted For A Fountain
His Glory Broke Upon Me When I Saw Him In The Church

Here is a fuller development of his story...

I was born in San Francisco in April of 1946. I grew up going to Baptist churches, Methodist churches, Lutheran churches, and Presbyterian churches. At the age of ten, I asked my mom if I could stay home. To me, it was more important to play with Bobby Hansen. All I got out of Sunday school was, "Bible stories." She said I had to "go to church" till I was twelve. On my twelfth birthday, I declared, "I don't want to 'go to church' anymore cause all it was, was 'Bible stories' to me. My mom heard that and said, "Yes, that was what I said." So I never went back and neither did she.

The summer after my graduation from high school, Larry Byrd and I surfed the coast from Linda Mar to Santa Cruz. In the fall, I started school at San Mateo. I went for one semester and quit. I drank coffee until March and then joined Delta Air Lines.

My draft status with the military was 1A. In October of 1964 I received my notice of physical induction. So I ran right down and joined the Navy. I served in the Navy from December 10, 1965 to December 5, 1968. I went to Vietnam. I saw Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, and one day I saw Stan Springer walking on the hanger deck. He was with the flight group and I was with the ships company air traffic controller aboard the USS Constellation CVA-64, out of San Diego. But let me tell you about the best thing that happened to me there.

Up until this time, I'd had the gospel preached to me directly by men and women five times. My attitude was, "That's fine for you, but leave me alone." But while serving on the Constellation, after receiving a "dear John" letter, I was about to commit suicide.

Though there were 5,000 men on the carrier, I was totally alone. I walked the flight deck, crossing off all the good things there were for a human to experience and deciding that I never wanted to experience again: dew on fresh grass, sunsets and sunrises, wind in the trees, the ocean, snow and the mountains. When I considered each of the items and whether I wanted never to experience them again, the answer to each item was, yes, yes, yes, until I got to Jesus. He was the last on my list. I said, "OK, I know I'm a sinner and I believe God raised You from among the dead. But I want You if You are real and I don't want You if Your not. That night in June of 1967, I met the Lord Jesus!!!

Reality! I touched God and God touched me! I went to the chaplain the next day, and he said, "Oh that's nice." So once again I found out religion is not it!!!

I got my AA degree at San Mateo in 1973. I was practicing to follow the inner sense of the Lord's life within. I followed it to Spokane in 1973 where I touched some young people in love with the Lord! This matched my sense within and fed my spirit. They met simply as the church in that place.

I continued following the Lord I to Bellingham, WA where I received my BA at Western Washington University in 1980. (I graduated with 271 college credits and with a 3.89 GPA. I loved school.). After that I followed the Lord back to Spokane. Later the Lord led me to Boise, Idaho, to New York City, and finally to Salt Lake City where I am today.

My heart goes out to the young people.. In some of my free time I give out Bibles for Bibles for America (see if you would like a free Recovery Version Bible). The Recovery Version is the best one I have found. It has 9000 footnotes to help with the verses. These notes are the consummation of the revelation by the Lord to the church fathers and His followers throughout church history. There are over 13,000 cross references, maps, charts and outlines to help the hungry and seeking believers to know the Bible. Sorry, I get so worked up, but if I had this when I was young it would have helped … gaf

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