Christians began meeting as the local church in Salt Lake City in 1986
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My Vision of Life in the Church

My Vision of Life in the Church

I was saved when I was 14 years old in 1969. I was raised in a denomination and I only had a superficial relationship with God until I was saved. I have been under God’s sovereign hand since that time. I was baptized in the local church in Denver when I was 19 years old.

At that time I was invited to a conference in Denver on Labor Day weekend. There, for the first time, I was seeing what was a real relationship with God. In this meeting there was something different, something I never had heard before. People were talking to God. I had never been allowed to speak or move in church, so this was somewhat uncomfortable at first. My older sister had been meeting with the local church for quite a while. She was praising God and saying “amen” out loud. This was somewhat new. But as I began to understand it, I began enjoying my ability to speak forth God, and speak to God. All of the meetings seemed to be conducted this way.

As I began to participate more and more, I began to understand that God wants His people to be participating with Him. I realized God is now alive in man, not dead, hanging on a cross. I can have a mutual relationship with a living, loving, caring God! By Watchman Nee and Witness Lee’s dedication and devotion to participate with God’s revealing Himself in man, I can now see a wonderful vision of what this mysterious God wants man to do. In their writings I can further understand where God is leading us today.

With this age coming to an end, we as Christians should be aware of God’s move on this earth. One vision revealed through Watchman Nee (Witness Lee’s ministry is that our enemy, Satan, does not want us to be one with God or with one another. When God’s people are one he is defeated. Oneness is what God needs His people to see. When we are divided, confused, and afraid Satan is winning. More than anything, I want Satan to be defeated. Through the gathering of His people through Jesus’ blood, and their meeting in oneness, His goal will be accomplished.

I have been meeting with the local church in Salt Lake City since 1986, and will continue fellowshipping with the local churches in every city in the world until His return. Why? Because I have seen this vision. His blessing is here and His presence is here and I want to be where I can enjoy Him filling my spirit with His Spirit.


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